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SkinHead Distance Walked Distance by Elytra Number of Death Mob Kills Player Kills Times Slept in Bed
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Animals Bred Distance Swum NPC Trade Cakes Eaten Interact Crafting table Chests Opened Jumps
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ADVENTURE TIME (plus que 36 biomes à visiter)
Ice Flats, Frozen River, Taiga Cold Hills, Forest, Mesa Rock, Mushroom Island Shore, Swampland, Birch Forest, Deep Ocean, Beaches, Extreme Hills With Trees, Desert Hills, Mesa, Forest Hills, Savanna, Plains, Jungle Hills, Jungle Edge, Mesa Clear Rock, Savanna Rock, Ice Mountains, Redwood Taiga, Taiga, Redwood Taiga Hills, Taiga Hills, Birch Forest Hills, Mushroom Island, Taiga Cold, Ocean, Extreme Hills, Roofed Forest, Cold Beach, River, Jungle, Desert, Stone Beach
A BALANCED DIET (plus que 20 aliments à consommer)
Chicken, Chorus Fruit, Beef, Porkchop, Clownfish, Beetroot Soup, Spider Eye, Potato, Rabbit, Poisonous Potato, Melon, Raw Salmon, Mutton, Pufferfish, Golden Apple, Rotten Flesh, Golden Carrot, Enchanted Golden Apple, Mushroom Stew, Rabbit Stew
TWO BY TWO (plus que 10 animaux à breeder)
Chicken, Ocelot, Sheep, Wolf, Llama, Rabbit, Horse, Cow, Mooshroom, Pig
MONSTER HUNTED (plus que 22 monstres à tuer)
Zombie Pigman, Stray, Shulker, Wither Skeleton, Zombie Villager, Magma Cube, Polar Bear, Slime, Vindicator, Skeleton, Husk, Blaze, Evoker, Cave Spider, Silverfish, Zombie, Witch, Guardian, Spider, Ghast, Creeper, Enderman
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